Wolves at the door - singer/songwriters

WolfSong Studio and the Original Music

"Necessity is the mother of invention", as the old saying goes.  The  necessity for re-invention led to the formation of Wolves at the Door  by Nikk Wolfe and Kai Ulrica in 2004.  Though they had been playing  together since 1999, a need developed for a larger voice in order to  explore recording their original music. 

Evolving from their acoustic roots and the recording of their 1st CD in 2004, Main Street is Empty, which held an eclectic mix of songs written over the years, they continued performing and decided to record a rock and roll album.

Nikk and Kai continually wrote new songs and released their first "official" CD in 2007, Unforgiven. Produced by songwriter/producer extraordinaire, Kevin Bowe, it features tunes from straight ahead  rock to a jazzy cover of the Eurythmics, Would I Lie To You.  Adding their expert support to Unforgiven were Noah Levy (Bodeans, Peter Frampton), John Munson (Semisonic), and Bruce McCabe (Johnny Lang, James Cotton).  Unforgiven  has even gotten air time as far away as Europe.  
Wolves at the Door Productions also released a solo album by Nikk Wolfe in 2014, Slide Stormin', featuring nuanced slide guitar work by Nikk. The rock/blues songs sing, and so does Nikk!

2017 brought the release of an acoustic album, Shadows Fall, featuring sweet harmonies, mournful cello, and a mix of acoustic and rockin' tunes.

The Wolves are always in wood shedding mode preparing for the next  band recording and the next CD will focus on guitar finesse, slide guitar,  and bluesy vocals.   Besides the straight ahead blues/rock CD, another  slide guitar album is in the works as well as an acoustic rock, acoustic  nature, and yes...a country CD too.  What else would one do on those cold Wisconsin winter nights...or any season for that matter...

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