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Collaborating since 1999, Nikk and Kai created Wolves at the Door.  The combination of two great guitarists from fingerstyle acoustic guitar to unique rockin' slide guitar, a solid/experienced rhythm  section, and Kai's sweet and powerhouse vocals make for an impressive  performance.  

We're there to have a great time and help you have one too.  We play songs from our originals to the covers we all love and love to share an acoustic moment with you or rock the house to see you dance.


What Inspires Us - Songwriting and Music Production

Transforming ideas we see in day to day life, the news, and in other people into dreams that everyone can relate to, see, hear and feel.  

For 20 years, The Wolves have been making music together.

  • Main Street is Empty (2005) & Unforgiven (2007) as Wolves at the Door releases
  • Nikk's solo project featuring his hot slide guitar, Slide Stormin'
  • Kai released a jazz standard CD with Nikk's stepfather, Myron Dammon, called Side by Side
  • And 2018 brought a new acoustic CD from Wolves at the Door with beautiful harmonies to some jazzy blues rock in Shadows Fall


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